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Midwestern Omakase

it's more about love, the warmest kind of hospitality.

What is this exactly?

The Midwestern Omakase is a passionate expression of Garden To Table, it’s clandestine…yet it exists for all. The menu changes every few weeks, and though we are pretty poor at sharing what is actually going on at Arbor, we are thankful for all of our grassroots supporters who have put us on the map. Thrillrist even listed us as a must-have dining experience in Chicago! 


Natural wines

The wine pairings are extremely fun and quirky with focuses on smaller producers and wines made with as much nature as possible. If you remotely like wine, then get the pairings. The prices are $25, $40, and $55.

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Selecting the number of courses

When making your reservation via Opentable or SMS, please specify in notes whether you would like the 3, 5, or 7 course option, in addition, please let us know if there is anything you can’t eat. In the coming month we will be adding an å la carte menu that does not require a reservation.

There are three primary options :
3 courses- $45
5 courses- $70
7 courses- $100

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We aren’t the stuffy type but are relentless about what makes for memorable experiences and lovingly seasoned food. It is less about impressing the guest, and more about love, as this is the warmest kind of hospitality.


Send us a text and get a reservation



Sample Omakase Menu

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Chef Leonard Hollander creates 8-10 new dishes for our Midwestern Omakase menu and Chad Little selects new wine pairings made with as much nature as possible.

The dishes  and wines are intended to invite guests into tasting soulful cooking that is obsessed with sharing ingredients and concepts that are at their core ridiculously delicious. It is of the moment and from a place of passion where creativity and enjoyment can thrive.