If Arbor was a winemaker

we would (hope to) be Chad Stock.

Chad Stock final.jpg

60 cases a year…

Kim Crawford is 1 million cases a year annually

Opus One is 25,000 cases a year

Many of the Minimus wines are 60 cases a year.

Yes, 60.


"I couldn't be more giddy to be doing this rare wine dinner with Chad Stock; him and his wines have massively influenced how I think about wine."  -The other Chad

You will taste wines that are incredibly rare and have been made with the intention of only making it once to be a representation of the moment and that growing season. They are not strange for strange sake, it is more of a pursuit of deliciousness on his terms while discovering what a truly Oregon wine is. This is something that is unparalleled. 

Chad's approach and commitment to push what is possible with wine , and frankly make wines like nobody else is what is attractive to us.


"Be humble, work with intent, keep it clean, no additives, let the wine speak for itself."

-Chad Stock

Be honest with yourself, your other Thursday plans were not important.

Treat yourself, and hang with two Chads. 

*Gluten-Free and Pescatarian accommodations can be made for this dinner. 

Send us a text at 312.292.8347


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concrete egg refugio.jpg

Ducks and Eggs 

Wine Dinner?

Anything but massive industrialized boring Chilean wine. You will taste wine like this Refugio Pinot Noir in concrete eggs.

///Brazos Wine Imports Dinner

Arbor in partnership with Cream Wine Company and Brazos Wine Imports will bring you an experience of Midwestern Springtime cuisine, paired with five small-producer wines from Chile. None of that one wine for two courses garbage. 

April 5th 6pm (6:30 first course)

5 wines x amuse + 4 courses

$80 per person

tax and grat. not included


“Wine is only a vehicle that transports an event into a memorable one." -Rogue Vine

matias-and-diego of quebrada del chucao.jpg

Oddball wines...   


but straight up delicious



















These are not the wines you think of when you think of Chile. 

BRAZOS - 4-5-18 website.jpg

Chef Leonard has giddily cooked into these wines based on our tasting  and we couldn't be any more excited to share this dinner with you. 

mareno backdrop.jpg

 Wine dinners can be boring and way too contrived.

We have been thinking about ways of hosting monthly experiences where they are uniquely Arbor: the focus is on delicious and discovery, you learn something, and you just have a fun time. Wine dinners can be boring and way too contrived. This series of dinners and events will be a way for us to create a new kind of wine dinner with the wines we believe in. 

refugio horse drawn.jpg

You could taste hundreds of Chilean wines and not taste wines like these. 

This is where the fun of sharing these special wines with guests come in to play. Most people just don't know how or where to find them.


Be honest with yourself, your other Thursday plans were not as delicious.

*Gluten-Free and Pescatarian accommodations can be made for this dinner.