Not a better white wine that describes Arbor. 

Chad Stock final.jpg

60 cases a year…

Kim Crawford is 1 million cases a year annually

Opus One is 25,000 cases a year

Many of the Minimus wines are 60 cases a year.

Yes, 60.


"I couldn't be more giddy to be doing this rare wine dinner with Chad Stock; him and his wines have massively influenced how I think about wine."  -The other Chad

You will taste wines that are incredibly rare and have been made with the intention of only making it once to be a representation of the moment and that growing season. They are not strange for strange sake, it is more of a pursuit of deliciousness on his terms while discovering what a truly Oregon wine is. This is something that is unparalleled. 

Chad's approach and commitment to push what is possible with wine , and frankly make wines like nobody else is what is attractive to us.


"Be humble, work with intent, keep it clean, no additives, let the wine speak for itself."

-Chad Stock

Be honest with yourself, your other Thursday plans were not important.

Treat yourself, and hang with two Chads. 

*Gluten-Free and Pescatarian accommodations can be made for this dinner. 

Send us a text at 312.292.8347


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