Our Little Farm

We are obsessed with developing flavor and creating food that you can get excited about eating. We want truth in ingredients, materials and interactions. We grow over 60 different varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs not for fashion, but for sustenance. Our partnerships with producers are real and tangible because that’s sensible.

It’s a difference you can see - and taste.

tomato rows.jpg

Heirloom Tomato rows

We worked with our gardener/farmer (Alyosha and his wife Sarah) to pick all the seeds, that get planted early enough indoors to get a head start. Treating the whole system like a living thing is super important in understanding how to feed it, protect it, and nurture it. 

back gardens.jpg

Raised beds and rows

Every year we build new boxes, and bring more soil, and keep expanding on how much we can grow. 


Growing the rarer things

We try to focus on growing things that would be costly, difficult to get, or simply would taste better if we grew it in our little permaculture farm. 

partial comb.jpg

Keeping bees

Each year we fight the good fight and keep bees onsite for support of the garden and to harvest the honey raw for use in the restaurant.


Lots of herbs and flowers

Harvesting,  then shocking in ice water.