Arbor is DAYTIME, NIGHTTIME, ANYTIME. We are a little difficult to pin down. Chad and Leonard built Arbor from a place of passion and intense drive to share something special with guests, Our varied backgrounds in fine dinning, specialty coffee, world travel, and IT have led us to build something wholly unique, and its with the love and work of many incredible staff members. 

Cafe by day and Restaurant by night. A Caterer that is described as "that wasn't catering food." We grow an unusual amount of ingredients in our converted alley. We want our wines with as much nature as possible, while being elegantly delicious enough to not need food for their enjoyment. We hustle hard. And are relentless for what makes for a truly memorable experience. We take the long road when it means all the difference. We find this to be true when developing flavor or building memorable experiences.

Come journey with us.

Chad and Leonard